Do the ageless die alone?

Experience the saga in one package. Age of End: The Complete Set includes all three books in the Age of End series: The Rat Collector, Kings and Crowns, and Vigo's Lament. The trilogy explores themes of life, death and everything in between. With a colorful cast of villains, including a self-proclaimed freedom fighter, and a powerful monarch, our heroes are pushed into constant peril. Will they live long enough to see the end?

For a sprawling adventure in a chaotic dystopian setting, with elements of science fiction and heart pounding action, purchase Age of End: The Complete Set today.

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Chris Yee grew up in Needham, Massachusetts. As a young child, he had a wild imagination, thinking up stories of mystery and wonder. People would ask what he wanted to be when he grew up, and the answer was always the same. He wanted to be an author. As he grew older, educational interests pulled him away from the world of writing and into math and science. He attended Northeastern University and received a Bachelor’s Degree in civil engineering. He now works in Boston, full-time as an engineer. Despite his technical background, he never lost an interest in writing. He writes every day, to fulfill a passion that has never faded.